The Plague of Issarea

The Perilous Depths of the Mountain

Our brave adventurers, having just narrowly escaped the elementals guarding the Mountain, found themselves sealed in with mounds of treasure, dead dwarves and other races, as well as skeletons of the Misshapen. Who could tell that just beneath two of the standing skeletons lied a Gelatinous Cube in hiding?

As Tevye and Ajax inspected the skeletons, the Gelatinous Cube pounced on them, as several skeletons animated and attacked the rest of the party. After a hard-fought victory, Diarmand became aware of what he claimed to be the “fears of the dead”, which apparently are linked to the Misshapen. As the party navigated through the maze-like passageways, the echoes of the Misshapen could be heard, and their graven voices shook the bones of many of our heroes and weakened their fortitude.

Past a giant door, the party reached an impasse, with what sounded like hundreds of the Misshapen on their tails, as well as a cluster of them ahead, blocking the passage to the light. Led by a hexer and a brutish chieftain, the Misshapen fought in large numbers and in conjunction with poisonous fungal creatures that had been captured. The party managed to break through, although it was severely battered and bloodied, and several of our heroes were near death and temporarily fell. With the blockade breached, the party rushed forward, only to find that the light was not from the sun on the other side of the mountain as originally hoped, but from a mysterious stranger. With Misshapen swarming all about them, the strange man cast a barrier around the party so that he could converse with them…

Our adventurers will return in our next episode,

“Holy Man or Radiant Demon?”


The Misshapen=The Wrath


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