The Plague of Issarea

The Final Artifact, the Consummation of a Lifetime.

Our heroes thus begun our discussion with the man who introduced himself as Malus Lightbringer, a paladin of Justice. He explained that he was in this lair because he had fought the misshapen Wrath and their leader, a gargantuan Black Dragon, but in the process he was knocked unconscious. When he came to, his sword was missing, and he had remained in this lair the whole time in search for his sword, a magic sword that could shapeshift and disguise itself to be less valuable than it was. Unfortunately, once separated from the sword, it had disguised itself from Malus, and he could no longer find it. He asked for the party’s help in searching for it, as well as questioning us on how we made it into the cavern beneath the mountain.

In the middle of this discourse, most of our party seemed distrustful of this paladin, for he had some unusual qualities about him, including a forked silver tongue. Without warning, the assassin tapped into his shadow power and attempted to slay the paladin, but the paladin anticipated the attack and revealed his true form, for indeed he was the gargantuan Black Dragon, and the assassin’s dart bounced harmlessly off his scales. It commanded our service in helping it find its treasure on pain of death, when Tamar pulled out the apple from the Tree of Life and bit into it. The dragon shrunk back down into his human form, and with slightly clenched teeth revealed that he and the party served the same master, the god Logos. He eventually allowed us to pass, and as we neared the exit, Sven pulled out the small mining hammer he had picked up in the cavern. It had been quite miraculously well-preserved, and Sven became suspicious. He secretly attempted to force it to change shape to see if it was the dragon’s prized treasure or not, and surprisingly, it became a Mordenkrad before his very eyes. The dragon howled in anger, and the Wrath rushed forward, but the party was too close to the exit, and we made a narrow escape.

Finally seeing the light of day, the party hurried off from the mountain, anxious to put the dark horrors in its depths behind them. They were able to rest, and made quick time to the cotting of Valley. As we arrived, the party met Dergen, the master smith and most famous crafter in all of Valley. Bakura was glad to see his old mentor, and after a brief introduction to the party, Dergen revealed the task he was working on—a mithral arrowhead, that would be sharp and lethal enough to kill a giant in one hit. He had been commissioned to make it by the High Jewelbearer and Overseer Tasz, so that the giant who had attacked the trade route to Underhill could be slain. After reporting to the Overseer about the pass through the mountain cavern, the party rested at the inn in celebration of their victory.

When they awoke, they found an investigation underway with Overseer Tasz and the temple guards. Through Diarmand’s craftiness and Sven’s disarming personality, we discovered that Dergen had been murdered the past night, and the completed Arrowhead had been stolen! Tamar, aided by the rest of the party, found the tracks of several acid-spewing six-legged demons, and after some more investigation and preparation (through the purchase of several Antivenom potions), the party followed the tracks into the Ash pit, the reservoir of the ash that was constantly being spewed out of the volcano. The party was there ambushed by six of the demons, but the sharp eyes and quick reflexes saved many of the party and all but Bakura and Ajax fought on even terms. As the last demon fell, the ground fell underneath the party, and a majority of the party fell in a cavern ten feet below the surface.

Who but the most powerful of prophets can predict what will happen in the cavern? We can, and we will tell you in our upcoming episode,

“Vengeance is ours…and so is the Arrowhead!”


Well the teaser at the end is a tad misleading, technically we haven’t found the Arrowhead on them yet.


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