The Plague of Issarea

Hope prevails over the Shattered Talon

“Did you hear, Wethren?” “Hear what, Laskal?” “The Barbarians and their party…the ones who challenged Xander…they have defeated Yvenna and her druids!” “What??!? How dare they challenge her! What is to become of us! Animus help us!” “You have heard that yourself Wethren! Their powers and the powers of Karitas are stronger than Animus and her followers!” “Blasphemy! How dare you speak such things! Animus, have mercy on him, he’s but a poor fool…”

“No, Wethren. I know what I am doing. Animus does not hear you, and she doesn’t hear me. I am going to follow them and you should too. Our whole lives we have spent slaving over this land and offering our sacrifices to Animus, and what has she done for us? Has she made our lives any easier?”

“She prolonged our lives, Laskal! She has always accepted our sacrifices, and that is why we still live, and why this land hasn’t dried up or why the animals haven’t devoured us all! Even when she takes our children, at least we know they are safe with her, and we all go on livi…”

“DON’T you dare defend the Taking to me, Wethren! You never felt the sting of that wound. I…no, Wethren. All she ever does is take, and all you’ve ever done is survive. That’s not living. There is more to life than just surviving, than breathing and sweating and suffering under some tyrant’s rule. I’ve had enough Wethren. I’m taking my family, and we are going to join them.”

Wethren stands there in shock, and then resumes muttering his frantic prayers…



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