The Plague of Issarea


Seraph pulled his blade out of the base of the giant’s skull. Leaping to the ridge, he quickly surveyed the remnants of the battlefield. The barbarians and their rock-like friend were taking care of the wolves, while most of the goblins were fleeing. Tamar, who succeeded in wounding the giant with the legendary giant-slaying arrow, was now off to join the others and fight the hellhound who was leading the pack. The victory was hard-won, but it seemed that the party was in no real danger anymore. Seraph thanked Logos for his protection, and then he leapt off the crags to pursue some of the fleeing goblins.


This hellspawn was fierce, and the fire it belched over and over nearly brought us to our knees, but no matter. I had made my peace with death. We had fought for freedom, we had fought against the mighty, we had fought against the tyrants. Could there be a better life?


Praise Karitas! With his blessing my arrow shot true, and we survived the battle! Thank you for your protection over us. Please help us to continue to do your will and bring healing, mercy, and charity to your people. I pray that there will be enough treasure left for us to bring back, that the destruction of the city may be averted. My bow, my strength, and my life are yours. Amen.



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