The Plague of Issarea

The company assembles

(by Tito)

After an epic party thrown by the Hillies, where Diarmand demonstrated his skill with the fiddle and Ajax danced a barbaric jig, and merriment was had by all, the inn was attacked by a pack of wolves led by the mysterious fire wolf. The wolves, it seems, had been branded with the sign of the Giants, and they had attacked the messengers from Valley, although one made it to Underhill alive.

After a brief debate of where to go first, it was revealed that the entire party had each received the same message with a sort of map on it, indicating that they were all called to venture out together to the Life-giving Tree Temple of Logos. The High Bishop there sent us off with his blessings and with a warning that we should take none of the riches that lay in the secret chamber in the mountain.

Following the map’s instructions, the party head due north of the tree, until they reached the cliff face, and were able to open the hidden door just in time to escape the rock elementals that had formed. With trepidation and excitement, the party is about to go through the first leg of its quest in…

...the Hall of the Mountain King



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