The Plague of Issarea

A DND Limerick Quintet

  • Traveling on the Underhill route
  • We encountered the menacing brute
  • The arrow was shot
  • Tamar found the weak spot
  • And then we brought back the loot
  • Vulcanus’s wrath decreased,
  • Diarmand threatened the priest,
  • But the priest did assure
  • That he had matured
  • And then they threw us a feast.
  • The priest gave each of us a chest
  • For triumphing over this quest
  • Thank goodness we’re healthy
  • And now we’re all wealthy!
  • So then we all got our rest.
  • We all had a dream that night
  • In the Skyrtwood we all saw a light
  • An unholy fire!
  • The matter was dire!
  • So we set off to end the blight.
  • On the way we all heard a scream,
  • We saw the priest and the brigand team,
  • They were not polite
  • So there was a quick fight
  • And we threw them in the stream.



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