Welcome to Issarea…

A realm beset with a curse from its earliest days, will Issarea crumble beneath the ever-growing hunger of the gods?

As the second age of the world continues, the land becomes more and more unstable. Giants from the westlands, who have been naught but rumors for nearly a century, are spotted in the mountains. The undead, long known as omens of coming trial, wander the dark recesses of the realm, some even organizing in force. And, ancient practices once dismissed as too barbaric for civilized races reemerge as men offer their newborn sons for sacrifice to the demanding god of life, Curatio—all by decree of the king no less!

But at the same time, a company of adventurers is forming in the small, secluded, seemingly-untouched cotting of Underhill: a band of unlikely heroes who might just discover, for once and for all, the cure to the plague of Issarea.

The Plague of Issarea

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